Our catering service is aimed at companies, public bodies, associations or private individuals


Both food deliveries and services with the presence of our staff are available, including the setting up of the buffet and all tables, rental of tables/chairs/other equipment, for lunches, dinners, brunches and any type of meal, whether buffet or table served.

Call us for:

Daily supplies. The service can include delivery of individual meals (for companies, offices), for an extended supply over time, with a weekly menu, with vegetarian/vegan choices taking into account food allergies and intolerances.

Home delivery for parties, lunches, dinners (even surprises!). If you would like to receive a full lunch or dinner at your home, or at a friend’s house (maybe a surprise!), for a retirement party or special occasion, you can take advantage of a “no-cook” service, with only the ready-to-eat meals provided, or to be reheated.

Delivery box breakfast, lunch or dinner, for groups.

Buffet or table service for a private party (brunch, lunch, appetizer, dinner) at your home, or at a rental location. On-site cooking is not necessary; we adapt!

Coffee breaks, coffee stations, lunch, lunch boxes, appetizers and dinners at conferences. We adapt the menu according to the length of the break available.

Lunch, corporate dinner, buffet or table service, for small and large groups.

Craft table, backstage catering and pre and post show/show/concert services.

Aperitif or after-dinner drinks with open bar: classic and original cocktails, Ginger style!